Lyrics to "Chance Rendezvous"

Thinking of that winter

A warm fire melted our frozen tableau

We sat at that table starin'

Sharin' all of our stories with the cafe windows


Didn't matter time went so fast

I know this love will always last


Everything is good and

Everything is fine 

Since the night I found you

Night I found you


All our memories and

All our happy times

From one chance rendezvous

Ooh yeah


Thinking of that summer

Rain falling on the ground in pools of worry

Sun came out and then

Felt like kids again

No need to hurry


My life has become so clear

Now I know why I am here




It's good when the sun is shining

It's good when it snows

Something 'bout this love I've found just

Gets into my soul, yeah




© Susan Hosmer